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International  tournaments | lg cup, 8th edition, 2004  
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Final, 3rd game: Lee ChangHo [kr] vs. Song TaeKon [kr]

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A peek in the tournament hall during the first round on the 17th of June 2003

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All 24 participants of the 8th LG Cup. On the first row: Mok JinSeok, Lee SeDol, Cho HanSung, Cho HunHyun, Cho Chikun and Lee ChangHo.

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Michael Redmond and Alexander Dinnerstein

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Cho HanSung interviewed for Korean Baduk TV

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From left to right: Wang Lei, Mok JinSeok, Cho HanSung, Lee SeDol, Won SeongJin, Kim JooHo, Lee ChangHo, and Chang Hao.

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