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333x415, 116kB

996x1604, 1044kB


Date: Meiji, ca. 1880/90
Description: A fan (print) showing five Okame-ladies in Heian costumes performing noble arts including Go

1905x1009, 1064kB

Kano school

Date: ca. 1800
Description: A painted fan showing two Chinese gentleman-scholars are playing Go on a veranda while a boy is watching them.

640x848, 140kB

Artwork by Diana Ardelean (10 years old)

576x444, 60kB

Mihai Serban and Diana Ardelean - The kyu kids from Romania
Artwork by Diana Ardelean (10 years old)

450x356, 32kB

The Master of Go, by Chris Sobolowski (

500x394, 116kB

A color photography of Kusakabe Kimbei (circa 1880).
This photography was hand-colored. Hand-colouring of photographs was very popular in Japan.
-- Didier Kropp

800x509, 308kB

This chromo was printed in 1896, and widely distributed in groceries in Europe. It was printed in dutch, italian, french and german.
These chromos were given to customers who bought Liebig products.
I suspect it's the first (color) picture of a Go board widely distributed in Europe, even though the Go board looks a little like a checker board!
-- Didier Kropp

681x440, 76kB

Artwork by Diana Ardelean (10 years old)

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