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In August 2005 the Korean Baduk Association, the Hankuk Kiwon has published a professional rating list based on the performances of their professionals. The top-three is as can be expected. Highest female professional is Park JiEun. Remarkable is the large drop in rating over the first 50 players and the seemingly unrelated quantities of rank and rating.


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Hankuk Kiwon professional rating 2005

1Lee ChangHo919,014
2Lee SeDol917,627
3Choi CheolHan917,168
4Park YoungHoon914,618
5Cho HanSeung813,720
6Won SeongJin613,245
7Park JeongSang513,059
8Yoo ChangHyuk912,746
9Lee YoungGu412,523
10Cho HunHyun912,313
11Song TaeGon712,245
12Kimg SeongRyong912,242
13An JoYoung912,217
14Kim JuHo612,091
15Yoon JunSang412,000
16Ok DeukJin311,814
17Kang DongYoon311,771
18Lee HeeSung611,705
19Mok JinSeok911,577
20Baek HongSeok311,546
21On SoJin211,483
22An DalHoon611,394
23Yoon SeongHyun911,379
24Yoon HyunSeok811,325
25Yoo JaeHyung711,306
26Lee JeongWoo511,159
27Park SeungHyun411,124
28Ko GeunTae311,119
29Kang JiSeong611,090
30Seo BongSoo911,079
31Hong MinPyo411,064
32Jin DongKyu211,062
33Kim SeungJoon911,057
34Park JiEun611,047
35Cho HyeYeon611,019
36Kim KiYong211,005
37Park SeungCheol410,984
38Hong SeongJi410,979
39Choi MyungHoon910,956
40Jiang JuJu910,941
41Kim YoungHwan710,937
42Rui Naiwei910,932
43Heo YoungHo410,919
44Lee Jaewoong410,900
45Park ByungKyu510,862
46Seo MooSang510,806
47Yang Geon710,792
48Lee HyunWook610,780
49Lee SeongJae710,754
50Kim JiSeok210,743

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