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Birth of New Website

The last few years I started to think about issues like continuity of the website. For example, in my view it is unacceptable that the website has no support while I am on a holiday or visiting a conference for example. But also, some of my recent jobs have been quite demanding and then the first thing to slow down is the maintenance and development of the website. Unfortunate but a reality.

Also, more and more people started to ask about GoBase. When can we do free searches instead of predefined opening pattern searches? When will a desktop version be available? I want to store my own games as well.

So I decided to start a dramatic redesign of the website with two purposes in mind: multiple administrators should be able to maintain the content of the site and multiple users should be able to add Go games.

These two facilities combined will create the new website: "The World-wide Go Game Repository".


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