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New Website Sample

Let me show a prototype of the new website to give you an idea of the look and feel of such a repository combined with personal profiling.

  • The index to the content still exists but moved to the left to create space for the profile relevant information on the right.
  • At the top are the new games in the groups the user is interested in. In this case two groups: the "Professional" group and the "Amsterdam Go Club" group.
  • The next section reports on some promotions. Some of the professionals have a picture in the database, some have not.
  • The next section lists new and modified content.
  • The final section shows new developments in joseki, either based on my joseki repertoire or any new developments. The choice is up to the user.

The system noticed that I am the owner of some of the contents and so offers a few document icons indicating that I have permission to modify the information.

All in all an exciting project with lots of room for ideas and future enhancements. I hope it will receive positive feedback both by you and the visitors of the website so that these initial plans will be realized in a way that people will start using them to their full extent.


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