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A design of a highly customized home page with lots of automated content according to the ideas outlined in the article presented on the 1st Baduk conference in Korea.

In the future this page might become your repository home page.


The homepage is completely redesigned by a professional, Hans Mugge. New and lighter colours, tighter layout, new icons, redesigned page header, logo, and some minor changes.

2002, 2nd edition

The global notes were moved from the middle column to the bottom of the page giving more space to the news items.

Site notes to report about new features and services now are positioned prominently at the top of the middle column.

2002, 1st edition

Another dramatic change in the layout. The index of the previous two versions of the site was on the bottom of the page. This made various sections difficult to visit without scrolling. So the index was moved to both sides of the page while the news items and site notes were moved to the middle column which made them more prominent as well.

The references to games in the news section now point to the new replay facility.

Finally, a site search facility was added.


Soon the news section became more prominent and direct links to games were provided. Considering the frequent use of these links this seemed a correct decision.


The next interface left the idea of an hierarchic menu. The top-level page was turned into a kind of portal to the most important services of The most recent tournaments were listed at the top, assuming users were most interested in recently played professional games.

The news items and site notes were listed in the middle of the page. This allowed to have more direct communication with the visitors thus being able to point out new features and services.

At the bottom of the page an index list the most important sections of the site.


The content of has always been strongly hierarchically organised and the first interface reflected this fact by screens with choice buttons starting top-level.


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