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What is the GoBase Repository

The repository is your personal use of GoBase, the Go database program. You can create your own collection of games and analyse these games by executing GoBase searches on the main database of 153455 professional go games, 195754824 positions (as of May 2024). The games and GoBase search results will be saved for you and will only be accessible by you. A tutorial is available for the impatient.


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All submitted material will only be accessible by you and the webmaster of The account information such as your name, E-mail address and any other private information you wish to supply are 100% garanteed to be protected and will never be passed on or be used in any way by other parties besides yourself and the operational software of

Policy of use

You share the resources of with thousands of other users so be considerate when using them. Therefore any automated access (using computer software such as mirror programs) to any part of and especially the repository is strictly forbidden.

If the administration of considers that you don't comply to the guide lines of considerate use of your account will be closed and if necessary even your domain will be blocked to protect these resources and other users who are using them.

Storage and search limits

The GoBase Repository will start off without any limits on the amount of stored searches and games. However, when resources would get unacceptably low limits might get imposed on them. This could be limits on the number of games, GoBase searches, disk usage, CPU usage or any combination of these numbers. You will be informed about such limits once they would be introduced to the system.

GoBase searches always have limits imposed on them. The current defaults are maximum 100 hits per search and variation trees are allowed to grow 30 moves in depth. But these numbers can be adjusted without prior notice when necessary.

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