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Japan  tournaments | judan title, 16th edition, 1978  
Title match
Kato Masao JP
ki000002|Born 1947-03-15
Died 2004-12-30
Rank 9p
Stored games 2127
Using this name 2123

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Rin Kaiho TW
ki000009|Born 1942-05-06
Rank 9p
Stored games 2668
Using this name 2665

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  1 2 3 4 T
  Kato Masao   whiteR [print] [print] [print] 3
  Rin Kaiho   [print] whiteR blackR white1.5 1

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Challenger knockout

In the Winners Section the letter codes refer to the Losers Section stage in which the (losing) player enters. In the Losers Section the letter codes reference to the Winners Section (helpful to understand sudden appearances of new players in several rounds of this section).

The first eight players who lose two games drop out of the Challenger tournament. These players thus are the losers of the 1st and 2nd round in the losers section. The players who drop out like this can of course re-enter the next edition of the challenger tournament by normal means.

Winners Section
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Winner Challenger
Haruyama Isamu, 7 dan [A] Haruyama Isamu [I] Haruyama Isamu [M] Kudo Norio [O] Kudo Norio Kudo Norio
Hashimoto Utaro, 9 dan
Ishida Akira, 7 dan [B] Ishida Akira
Fujisawa Shuko, 9 dan
Sakata Eio, 9 dan [C] Sakata Eio [J] Kudo Norio
Takemiya Masaki, 9 dan
Kudo Norio, 9 dan [D] Kudo Norio
Hashimoto Shoji, 9 dan
Kamimura Haruo, 5 dan [E] Kamimura Haruo [K] Magari Reiki [N] Rin Kaiho
Tsuchida Masamitsu, 8 dan
Magari Reiki, 9 dan [F] Magari Reiki
Sonoda Yuichi, 8 dan
Sugiuchi Masao, 9 dan [G] Sugiuchi Masao [L] Rin Kaiho
Takagi Shoichi, 8 dan
Rin Kaiho, 9 dan [H] Rin Kaiho
Cho Chikun, 7 dan
Losers Section
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Winner
Hashimoto Utaro [A] Hashimoto Utaro Hashimoto Shoji Hashimoto Shoji Rin Kaiho Rin Kaiho
Fujisawa Shuko [B]
Takemiya Masaki [C] Hashimoto Shoji
Hashimoto Shoji [D]
Tsuchida Masamitsu [E] Tsuchida Masamitsu Cho Chikun
Sonoda Yuichi [F]
Takagi Shoichi [G] Cho Chikun
Cho Chikun [H]

Rin Kaiho [O]

Ishida Akira [I] Ishida Akira Kamimura Haruo Kamimura Haruo
Sakata Eio [J]
Kamimura Haruo [K] Kamimura Haruo
Sugiuchi Masao [L]

Haruyama Isamu [M] Haruyama Isamu
Magari Reiki [N]

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