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International  tournaments | agon cup, 5th edition, 2004  
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350x467, 32kB

Gu Li 7p swept every Chinese fast game major titles this year.

500x375, 48kB

He's facing Kato Masao 9p to put an end to Japan's to date monopoly on the international Agon matches. Wang Runan referees.

350x441, 28kB

Kato plays White 8.

500x375, 40kB

Victory to China, at last, and a big check (€ 22,500) to Gu Li.

500x375, 60kB

The players take turns to give their feelings about the game.

500x375, 56kB

Kato explains what went wrong : he succeeded in connecting his invasions (White 40 and 72) only to see them end a big dragon corpse.

350x469, 36kB

"The Killer" is no sore loser.

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