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While large quantities of content on is publicly accessible several sections are accessible by members only. Amongst others, this includes:


Mahjong Solitaire:
Free Online Mahjongg Games Kostenlos Mahjong Spielen Gratis Mahjong Spellen membership

To become a life-time member of please do the following:

1) Help us spreading Go by donating at least € 20,=

2) Send us the following information:

first name
family name
E-mail *)

*) Your E-mail address is only used during the registration correspondence and will not be used for any commercial activities, nor will it be passed on to any third parties.

Failure reasons

The message you receive when accessing restricted materials without proper authorization looks like:

[error] Permission denied

The information you requested:

(just an example)

was not accessible by you. There can be several reasons:

  1. You access members-only information.
    Test this by trying to access the game which brought Cho Chikun a unique ten times in a row winning streak in the Honinbo tournament: Cho Chikun versus O Rissei
    If you couldn't access the game you'r not a member and will need an account to access it. See above how to apply for an account.
  2. You tried to access protected information.
    This holds for certain area's of the website which are inaccessible even to members.
  3. You tried to access a directory.
    Requests of the form: /.../dir/ are in this category. Directory listings are not supported by
  4. Finally, there can be something wrong with the permission settings on this site.
    If you think you should have gotten access but didn't get it please E-mail and clearly mention the URL (as displayed in your browser's location window).

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