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This document will help you step by step to get familiar with the GoBase Repository, your personal use of the Go database program GoBase. After reading this document you can perform the following tasks:


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Step I: Enter your repository
GoBase Repository
Enter your repository

You probably saw this dialog before. Select the icon to enter your repository.

If necessary your username and password will be asked but usually your browser will cache these. If you need to enter them again and again then please check and modify your browser settings so it will cache these values.

Step II: Adding games

The Repository management dialog has an input field where you can enter the filename of one of your (local) SGF game records. If you prefer to browse the data on your disk then select the browse... button.

Once you entered the filename select the Add this SGF game button to upload it to your repository.

Now three things can happen:

The SGF file was invalid
You will get a report about the errors which occurred.
Fix them and try the upload again.
The SGF file was already in your collection
The game will not be added and you will be notified about this.
The SGF file was valid
You will be presented with a game listing including the game you just uploaded.
Step III: Replaying, downloading and deleting games

Selecting the Games icon in the Repository Management dialog will create a listing of the games in your repository:

[][][] Mtime
Player black
Player white
[delete] [replay] [download] 2001-11-22
nl G-J. van Opdorp
nl J. van der Steen

The game list contains three icons in front of the list. From left to right they correspond to the following actions:

[delete] Delete game
Select this icon to remove the game from the repository. An updated game listing will be displayed.
[replay] Replay game
Select this icon to replay the game using the special GoBase replayer. One interesting feature of the online replay facility is that you will be able to define pattern searches but this will be explained soon.
[download] Download game
Select this icon to download the game to your computer. Depending on the settings of your computer an SGF viewer might automatically be launched.

The player names link through to their biography pages. Right now the only property in such a biography page is the player name. The biography pages do link through to a detailed performance statistics of a player though.

Step IV: Creating a pattern search

Selecting the replay icon from the game listing will start up the online replay board. Do this now with one of the games you uploaded. If necessary create an SGF file with a few moves using one of the many freely available SGF editors.

We will define a pattern and use GoBase to search for all games which contain the selected pattern. Move to the moment in the game which contains the position which you would like to search. Now you have to indicate the part of the board relevant for the search. This selection is done using the (sensitive) border just outside the board. This border is also used to display the board coordinates in case you have these turned on. You select one point on a vertical axis and one on a horizontal axis. These two points define one of the corners of a rectangle. The other is implicitly defined by them. The picture below will make things clear (the arrows also indicate where you clicked):

Selecting regions
Selecting a region

Search button Once you selected a region you will notice that the search button below the board is turned on.

Selecting this button will start the search. The result will be a report page with a variety of information on it but amongst others the list of games which contain the pattern you selected:

Hit SGF Move Black player White player Date Result
1 [replay] [download] 13 Duan Rong Ruan Yunsheng 1995-04-06 B+R
2 [replay] [download] 17 Liu Xiaoguang Nie Weiping 1993-03-07 B+R
3 [replay] [download] 12 Nie Weiping Komatsu Hideki 1993-12-06 B+002.75

Selecting the replay icon of games in this listing will start a replay board at the position where the pattern you searched for occurred. The replay board is search enabled by selecting patterns as usual.

If you visit the analyse overview you will notice your query is included in the list. But please note that if the analyse overview window was open already you need to refresh it manually.

You can remove region indicators by selecting them. You can move region indicators by selecting another position for them.

Right now all searches are done in the main database, ie. the database with somewhere around 25.000 professional games (some 5 million positions) from the past and the present. In the future a switch will be offered which will enable you to select the main, private or both databases.

Step V: Creating an analyse listing

The search which you performed just now not only created the report which was displayed to you but it also started an analysis of the game which you used to specify the search.

To understand the analyse concept we will now create a listing of your analysis. Go to your repository page and select the Analysis icon. This will generate the analysis overview page which will look something like this:
analysis 1 created: 2001-11-25 13:46:56
Replay game Delete this analyse and all associated searches Search report Delete this search
Hits 1
Last search2001-11-25 13:46:58

Let's go over each of the displayed components.

Replay game Analysis
The left column displays the analysis you created. Right now there is only one. The board icon is the end position of the analysed game. Selecting it will load the game on the replay board, thus enabling you to do more pattern searches for example.
Analysis creation time
In the upper right corner the date is displayed when you created the analysis.
Search report Pattern searches
The second column contains a summary report of the pattern searches which you performed on the game. Right now there is only one. The board icon shows the position and region which was searched. The table contains the number of hits and the date and time of the last search of this pattern. Selecting the board icon will display (in a separate window) the verbose report of the search including the list of the matching games. When GoBase notices the result is not up-to-date anymore the pattern will be searched again that very moment to refresh the results.
[delete] Delete buttons
Both the analysis as the pattern search column have a delete icon. Deleting an analysis will also delete all pattern searches which are associated with it. In this example deleting analysis 1 will remove one pattern search as well.
Deleting a pattern search will only delete that and nothing else.
Step VI: Adding a position

Using the Java edit board you can create arbitrary positions which in turn can be used to perform searches. Both the position and search results will be added to your repository. Such positions will not show up in your game listings.

Step VII: Navigating

[Your analysis] [Your games] [Edit board] Pages usually have three icons in the top right corner which link to the edit board, games listing and analyse page overview respectively.

Tips for using the repository

Why would you want to use the repository facilities anyway? Let's summarize a number of tasks which you might want to perform and the steps which achieve the required result:
task steps comments
Organizing your games
  1. Use the game upload facility to store your games.
  2. Use the game listing facility to create overviews.
The repository will give you all facilities which the game browser of gives you as well. The repository will validate the games you upload and report on any invalid code encountered. Besides, the repository will prevent you upload duplicate games.
Analyzing your own or professional games
  1. Use the game upload facility to store the game.
  2. Select the replay icon of the game you wish to analyze.
  3. Replay the game and when patterns occur which you would like to investigate select them and press the search icon.
  4. Visit the search overview page for an overview of your analysis.
While replaying and searching two windows will be relevant: the search report page (opens automatically) and the analysis overview page. The latter will not be refreshed automatically.
Studying openings
  1. Use the Java edit board to enter the corner or full board position you wish to study.
  2. Select the relevant part of the board using the region selector.
  3. Select the search button.
Each search pattern created with the Java edit board will result in a new analysis on the analysis overview page.

Final notes

This concludes the tutorial. It should be sufficient to get you started. Another document gives an overview of the facilities which are supported and planned. Please read that document to find additional information. E-mail to in case you think these documents need additions or modifications. Also suggestions to improve these services are welcome.

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