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All of the following people or organisations have been of great assistance in creating Please remember that the following names are in no particular order (alphabetically ordered actually). Also, please forgive me when you don't find your name but have supported me in this project. In that case drop me a note and I'll add you instantly.

If you would like to submit games to this online professional go game database, please use the supplied form or send the information by E-mail to


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The Nihon Ki-in For kindly supplying me in the past with the most recently played professional games, especially Mr. Saheki Yoshio.
The Ishi Press For making professional games available to the Western World by the publication of Go World.
Kiseido For making professional games available to the Western World by continuing the publication of Go World.
James Davies For supplying the Western Go player with News From Japan. I gratefully added his articles to this site to supply lively information on the Japanese Go Scene rather than just the results and games.
Bob Terry For allowing me to use his work on the biographies. He's the person who typed in the initial set of biographies, a great job. Bob also produces game collections on disk (all taken from KIDO) and translates Go books from Japanese to English. These books are available from Yutopian enterprises.
Ahn, Toh-Kyeong Toh-Kyeong Ahn submits lots of Korean games. For example, the Korean Wang-Wi title (31st, 32nd and 33rd edition). He can also be found regularly on IGS replaying professional games, mostly from the Korean Go scene.
Pierre Audouard Pierre Audouard does substantial work on the Korean section of For example, consistent writing of Korean players, submitting biographical information on them, and submitting game records covering the Korean Baduk scene. Another important and impressive contribution is the Korean Problem Academy, a popular study corner within
Matt Luce Matt Luce, living in China, occasionaly sends news bites which usually make it to the frontpage of
Joachim Beggerow Once Joachim discovered the database he started to submit games. The Qi-Wang 1994 title games are submitted first by him. More games followed since.
Klaus Blumberg Klaus Blumberg sends me corrections of game records and data. He is currently filling the gaps in some of the Japanese title matches. For example the 5th Gosei Match and the 27th Oza Match are contributions made by him.
Chou Chih-Yeh For replaying games on IGS (using the teach command) which almost all made it into the database as well.
Chu Tsz-Kin For replaying games on IGS (using the teach command) thus letting lots of people enjoy professional Go.
Paul Donnelly For supplying me with pointers to more games.
Leo Dorst For his offer and work on entering professional games, most notably the Japanese Meijin title match.
Helge Duerschke Helge suddenly suprised me with lots of games by mail. The Gosei 1977 games for example are submitted by him. Many games followed since...
Dave Dyer For supplying me with player biographies and making valuable suggestions concerning the issue how to merge game collections (using game signatures). Also, Dave added lots of birth dates to the biographies.
David Godinger For indepth discussions on various aspects of publication of Go games by InterNet media.
Marc Gonzalez For feedback and offering help.
Bo Huang For feedback and supplying me with games of the Chinese Go scene, most notably the games between Ma and Nie in their best-of-7 series.
Richard Hunter Richard Hunter is filling in the holes in the Japanese Honinbo and Meijin title collections. He submitted lots of games ranging from the 3rd Honinbo all the way through the 29th.
Yoshikazu Ishihara Yoshikazu Ishihara sent me the games of the 22nd Meijin League, the games of the 1st professional pair-go tournament and the games of the 1st and 2nd Rico Cup (Professional Pair Go).
Arnold Jonk For invaluable feedback both on UNIX and PC systems. Arnold also supplied me with Japanese Meijin title games. Arnold also discovered a bug in Xgoban (multiple US[] occurences will crash the program).
Lee Joongul Joongul has started his contribution by submitting the final of the Tong Yang Security Cup 1994 games.
Li Xiangshang For supplying me with corrections of the names of Chinese Go players and his list of them in Chinese characters..
Mihai Lita For contributing various games from recent matches and tournaments.
Pieter Mioch Pieter frequently submits missing games, especially from the Japanese Go scene. Recently he did lots of research to find all of the first 1962 Meijin league games. But there is more: starting October 2000 Pieter Mioch is editor of a new column on this site. Pieter is Dutch but living in Japan.
Martin Müller For supplying me with lots of games. Martin Müller thoroughly checks each collection for missing games and leaves no efforts unwasted to find the missing ones. Getting the Japanese Kisei and Honinbo title match collection almost 100% complete is mainly his effort. Martin also went into great efforts to find the missing Chinese-Japanese SuperGo games.
Okamoto Takayuki Takayuki Okamoto started to submit the 20th Meijin league games to I happily added them to these pages as well.
Geert-Jan van Opdorp For encouragement, knowledge, and everlasting partnership. While we work on the GoBase database engine each and every minute is fully used and we hardly have time left to play the game of Go itself. The dream we share from the moment we started to work on GoBase is to let as many Go players as possible (both professional as amateur) profit from the capabilities of the program as an interface to large game collections.
Jan van Rongen Jan van Rongen is filling gaps in the Japanese major and minor title matches like the Honinbo and Meijin. Besides, he submits league games of these events as well.
Shirasu Hiroyuki Mr. Shirasu Hiroyuki provides with a variety of games played by Fujisawa Hideyuki, also known as Fujisawa Shuko.
C. A. Steadman For supplying me with valuable information concerning SGF compatibility issues.
Suzuki Yasunori Yasunori Suzuki submitted games of the 20th Kisei Title Match and all games of the 43rd NHK cup.
Tada M. M. Tada goes through a great effort to improve the quality of the Japanese title pages by supplying me with game properties, background information and game records.
Yoon SeongMo SeongMo Yoon has been tremendously helpful in getting the Korean player list up to date. Besides Mr. Yoon provides me with lots of game records from the Korean Go scene.
Mike Vaughn Mike Vaughn is supplying me with the Japanese Honinbo and Meijin league tables. Besides, he submits games of these events as well. Since then Mike sorted out lots and lots of games and helped me to make the collection more complete.
Wayne Wang Wayne Wang filled the gaps in the 22nd Meijin League.
Yang Zi-Wei For lots of suggestions, comments, information and games. Zi-Wei is working on information on the Chinese Go Scene and especially the matches with Japan. Who doesn't know Zi-Wei highly informative postings on the newsgroup
Yuen Terence Terence Yuen submitted the games of the 1965, 1966 and 1967 Meijin title clashes between Rin Kaiho and Sakata Eio, the 4th, 12th, 18th and 23rd Oza match, the 14th Judan match followed by the 1975 Meijin challenge between Ishida Yoshio and Rin Kaiho.

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