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442x295, 28kB

Catalin and Renée Frehé as a pair during the European Championship's in Slowakije (1999, photographer unknown)

697x418, 84kB

Three good friends (Catalin, Rob Kok and Virgile Bayle) during the European Championship's in Marseille (1997)

576x381, 60kB

Catalin with Zhao Pei during the pairgo tournament of the European Championship's in Mamaia (photo: Steffi Hebsacker)

90x116, 20kB

Dragos Bajenaru, 6d

512x343, 32kB

Jan van der Steen playing chess back in 1981

600x450, 176kB

Geert-Jan van Opdorp being industrious

600x450, 156kB

Geert-Jan van Opdorp contemplating

400x300, 52kB

Natsume's Go Club including Pieter Mioch [nl] and Fumihiko Miyagawa,6p [jp]

1044x1218, 576kB

Restaurant "La Piccoline" in Marseille, France. Run by the best Go plating cook in the Western Hemisphere.

650x488, 60kB

Zhao Pei, 6d

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