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290x386, 20kB

Cho HunHyun [kr] and wife

63x84, 8kB

Choi CheolHan at younger age

100x128, 8kB

Choi MoonYong, 4p from Korea

345x432, 48kB

Choi MoonYong, 4p from Korea

167x249, 8kB

Dong Yan,7p from China

503x430, 76kB

The person next to Einstein is Fukuda Masayoshi sensei 6p. The photo is probably taken from one of his books (he was travelling a lot) where he describes his meeting with Einstein in the USA in 1951. He proposed to set up a game between Einstein and a Japanese physicist Nobel prize winner but Einstein declined to accept. (Maybe his decision was made due to the fact that he was not a very strong Go player and that the Japanese physicist was a higher amateur dan).

650x540, 68kB

Fan Hui [cn]

709x480, 328kB

A photo showing Fukuda sensei together with other great Go players at a shodo exhibition in 1964. The calligraphies on the right were writen by the Go players shown in the picture: Sitting from right to left: Sakata Eio 9p, Go Seigen 9p, Mrs. Bannai, Mr. Arimitsu, Iwamoto Kaoru 8p, Fukuda Masayoshi 6p. Standing from right to left: Mr. Ota, Mr. Bannai jr. and his wife, Fujita Goro 6p.

409x316, 96kB

This picture is from Shin Fuseki Ho and was taken in about 1934. It shows Go Seigen, Kitani and Yasunaga. This was taken at the time that Go and Kitani were working on new fuseki ideas.

350x467, 20kB

Go Seigen [cn] attending the Ing Cup in Shanghai, China [2004-04-23]

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