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754x558, 88kB

The famous Golden Dragon restaurant in San Fransisco

755x561, 64kB

Jan checking E-mail using the North-Western University facilities in Evanston

755x558, 72kB

Jan van der Steen playing tennis with playboy in Calgary, Canada

752x561, 76kB

Jennifer, Tim and tweet during a dinner in the house of Thos Sumner

753x558, 72kB

Kishiko playing on IGS using the North-Western University facilities in Evanston

753x560, 80kB

Kishiko and Herb, just before entering the restaurant in San Fransisco

754x561, 72kB

Kishiko and Jan drinking coffee in a library in San Fransisco

754x557, 76kB

Kishiko and Thos enjoying the nice weather on the porch of the Sumner's house

753x560, 76kB

playboy and friends during a dinner in Calgary, Canada

753x560, 68kB

playboy returning the serve of Jan in an earlier picture

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