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753x560, 76kB

playboy and friends during a dinner in Calgary, Canada

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playboy returning the serve of Jan in an earlier picture

752x558, 76kB

Late Dr. Sunghwa Hong, author of the book "1st Kyu", in the Korean Go Club in Vancouver, Canada

754x556, 120kB

Thos and his daugther Bryn-Marie in the Japanese garden in San Fransisco, California

753x558, 72kB

tweet and Tim discussing the meaning of the word "aftermath" during the dinner mentioned earlier

752x558, 88kB

Jialin Zhong, former team mate of Shutai Zhang in Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA

755x559, 80kB

Jialin Zhong and son working with the computer

752x557, 80kB

Jialin Zhong, his wife and Andrew Hong

754x561, 72kB

Jim Z. Yu (aka zhuge) producing some of his awesome kibitzing on IGS

754x560, 76kB

A wonderful lunch in one of Jim's favorite restaurants in Evanston

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