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To repay my debt here's a brief update on the Yamashita (Kisei) versus Hane (Tengen) ongoing go board battle.


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28th Kisei 2004, game 3
In the best of 7 match today Hane took the lead by 3 games winning the third game of the kisei title match with 3.5 points (playing black). The game was played in Kuwana City which is not far from the central Japan branch of the Nihon Ki-in. This explains why there were 14 pro's present in the press room (normal is about 4). What was a surprise, however, was that about 200 amateur players showed up to have a look at the game commentary (normal for games outside the "city"'s about 40 people). For the sponsor and organizing Yomiuri newspaper it was a big success although some start to worry if Yamashita is alright seeming to be in an unprecedented slump.

Further titbits:

Hane Yasumasa's 9p reply to if his son Naoki now belongs to the world top: "No, he's too old and does not study enough...."
The pro's (not the participants) were in disagreement on the rules when one possible variation which came on the board during analyses turned in a internal two-step approach ko. In the end one of the newspaper people seemed most knowledgable about the current set of Ki-in rules...
During the kisei 3 game Yamashita's top right corner turned into a ko (editor: at move 103). When asked why that had happened he answered (mumbling) "I had overlooked it". This may not sound as much but for all other pro's present this was close to unbelievable.

cheers, Pieter

(Submitted by: Pieter Mioch)


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