GoBase Repository


This document tries to keep you up to date with the plans and ideas of the repository. It will also serve as a FAQ for questions you might have while using the repository.


There are no real performance problems to be expected besides network traffic. One note: please turn the image cache on in your browser. Both the website as yourself will be much happier. In Netscape setting the cache to once per session will turn your browser into a very gentle visitor indeed of these facilities. The preferred settings of Internet Explorer are welcome so I can add them here as well.


The repository has an extensive list of parameters which affect its behaviour. Right now these parameters are not yet accessible to the user but in the near future expect configuration options to set them.

Persistent behaviour

The settings of the user are not saved right now which means that some of the parameters of the repository which are accessible to the user are not persistent. This surely will change in the future.


The player biographies are quite empty right now (just the name of the player basically). Expect a biography editor to be added which will enable you to add information for each player appearing in your game collection such as nationality, affiliation, birthdate, promotion dates, official ranking and more.

Searches from GoBase variation trees

Not possible right now because of the structure choosen: at the top of the hierarchic chain is always a game, either yours or one from the central database. And a variation tree is not a game so... In the future searching based on positions might be supported if it can be incorporated smoothly into the design of the system but it doesn't have a very high priority.

Creating a composite SGF file from an analysis

Not possible yet but will surely be desired by users so it is on the list of future enhancements.

A replay board with editing capabilities

Might become a popular request. Extending the board with a very simple add black/white stones capability should not be too hard to add. A full fletched editor (including all wistles and bells) might make the replay board heavier than appreciated. Most people might want to use their favorite editor anyway.

Recognizing duplicate games in your collection

When uploading a new game it might already be in your archive. A detector of such events is installed.

Searching patterns in own game collection

Will come automatically once the repository parameters are accessible to the user (see earlier point "Configuration").

Automatic search updates

Meaning that when your searches are not up-to-date anymore they will automatically be refreshed by the system instead of the necessity to click yourself. Not sure about this since it will put more load on the system and probably lots of searches of users will be "dead wood" anyway. What can easily be realized is to attach an indicator to searches in the overview which points out the necessity to refresh. Whether the new search will bring new results is not indicated. Maybe it's good to point out that whenever you visit a GoBase search report the search is refreshed right now already. This paragraph was about batch refreshment.

Automatic delivery

Very interesting option, especially for really ambituous players: "send me an E-mail whenever something (new or anything) happens in this pattern". Probably curious enough about the results to start working on soon.