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Frequently Asked Questions about Shape Up! 11 March 2004
Q1: Who wrote this online book?
A1. The book is co-authored by Charles Matthews and Seong-june Kim, a Korean amateur player who was South Korean student champion in 1984. His name coincides with the Korean pro Kim Seung-chun but there is no other connection.
Q2: Where can I buy the actual book?
A2. This book is not available in bound printed form.
Q3: Is there a publisher for this book?
A3. Charles Matthews has made efforts to find a publisher, without anything to show for it so far. No contract has been made. He owns all rights to a first edition.
Q4: Where can I get the other parts of the book?
A4. The current posting of 15 PDF files at is probably the definitive web distribution. There will be no single PDF version, nor any corrections posted there. Currently there is no plan to make the remaining parts generally available.
Q5: Is a suitable forum for discussing matters related to the book?
A5. Charles Matthews will refer posters in future to this FAQ, on all publishing and distribution matters. He is always happy to discuss shape in general, and the content of the book in particular. He reserves the right to ignore any posting at any time; and in particular considers questioning about his reasons and motivation as an author to range from idle curiosity to the actually intrusive.
Q6: Is Charles aware of Paypal? Does he realise that some readers of Shape Up! may wish to send money as encouragement, feedback, or to purchase the work?
A6. Charles Matthews will not reply to any further Usenet postings relating to payment methods, printing, publishing, ebook sites, retail and mail order methods. He considers the subject exhausted at present, subject always to technology change.
Q7: How then to discuss with Charles?
A7: Send him private email at the address from which this is posted.
Q8: Is Charles still looking for a publisher?
A8: Charles considers that the ideal publisher would be based in Europe, and is quite interested in any proposal that could lead to good distribution in particular in Eastern Europe, a market which was in his mind in writing a book of this kind.


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