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Setpiece Kos

This series of articles has its origins in research carried out for a book on ko fights, in collaboration with Kim Seong-june 6 dan. While it remains highly desirable that a dan-level book on ko should be written, it is currently hard to see how to get such a work published. Therefore I intend to create a series of web articles on a major theme to do with ko.


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Shape Up!

The preview of a book on shape written by Seong-June Kim and Charles Matthews. We present the Contents and a preview of some of the chapters.


This series of articles from the hand of Charles Matthews deals with exchanges in the game of Go from all kind of angles and perspectives. The articles first appeared in the American Go Journal in the period 2001-2002.

CGT Becomes Hard Currency

Recent developments in theory have changed the picture somewhat. While rigorous chess theory may still be confined to endgame study, there is an avenue in Go for some fundamental research. This area has been opened up by Professor Elwyn Berlekamp of Berkeley, after pioneering work of others. It is now beginning to provide novel insights.

On Your Side

Charles Matthews series of articles on the opening in Go explained by studying the positions on the side. It is quite uncommon to take one side as the explicit unit; usually people discuss full board openings, or the highly-developed theory of corner openings.

Hanging Out At Dan's

Charles Matthews provides real teaching in his virtual club. The teaching is split up in three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced but the articles are interesting for all levels really.


All articles Copyright © Charles Matthews 2000

By the same author

Teach Yourself Go, Charles Matthews, Hodder & Stoughton, UK (NTC in the USA). Available in good bookshops or by mail order from BGA Books, and from the major online bookstores.

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