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You can win a Go game by making more territory than you opponent. You can also prevent him to make any territory at all. These games show examples of this technique.


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event black white date result #mn game
Ei-Kyu Cup
Yokota Shigeaki
Ota Seido
white1.50 250

It almost appears as if this game was played to illustrate the concept of "amashi". While black desperately tries to build territory white keeps on erasing it, thus trying to win the game with the initial advantage of the komi.

event black white date result #mn game
Judan title
Cho Chikun
O Rissei
black0.5 339

With his 21st move, Cho shows his unwillingness to let his opponent make any territory, and finally manages to win the game with a total territory (black plus white) of less than 40 points, despite white having 6.5 points komi.

(Klaus Petri)


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