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A professional game is not necessarily always complex and difficult. These games will illustrate this and might give you the feeling that everyone can become a pro in Go.


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event black white date result #mn game
China-Japan supergo
Komatsu Hideki
Zheng Hong
white1.50 136

if this game isn't crystal clear, none is. :-)
It is also incidentally probably the shortest professional counted game in history.
(Petr Baudis)

event black white date result #mn game
Tokyo Cup
Rin Kaiho
Kobayashi Satoru
whiteR 172

The moves in this game flow naturally and seem to illustrate how beautiful and simple this complex game can be sometimes.

event black white date result #mn game
Fujitsu Cup
O Rissei
Cho HunHyun
black4.5 258

This is one of the clearest games I have ever seen. I'm 4k on KGS and can understand the vast majority of the moves. This game shows that often it is not complexity that is needed, but correct timing. In addition, this game illustrates the concept of "balance" in the opening better than any other game I have come across. I have used it the past couple of days to show lower ranked players what balance in the opening looks like. I would love to see some commentary on this game, but even without any commentary at all, the simple, beautiful moves of this game speak for themselves. It is a delicate dance of stones across the goban.

(David Merrill)


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