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Professionals have outstanding technique, superb feeling for shape and fascinating ideas. This makes professional games (no restrictions) worthwhile studying for amateurs. But then, some pro games even have something extra, a special move or a brilliant idea maybe. This category collects such games.


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event black white date result #mn game
Honinbo Shusaku
Gennan Inseki
black2 329

Honinbo Shusaku gets into trouble after an enormous mistake in a joseki. But this game shows the potential of the young Shusaku: he limits the loss by playing some very delicate moves and eventually even creates an upset with maybe the most famous move (127) which has ever been played in the history of Go.

event black white date result #mn game
Hinaya Rippo
Honinbo Dosaku
  whiteR 149

Honinbo Dosaku playing a tremendous sequence between move 60-90 showing his great reading skills and creative mind.


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