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Your opponent has built a moyo, and now you have to invade, where and how? These games contain some very interesting examples of invading moyo.


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The Games
event black white date result #mn game
Honinbo tournament
Ishida Yoshio
Rin Kaiho
black1.50 251

Just as the white player seems to wrap up the game by building a 50 point moyo (white 88) black drops some stones into this potential territory and brilliantly pulls off a what at first seemed to be an impossible invasion.

event black white date result #mn game
Meijin tournament
Yamashita Keigo
Yoda Norimoto
white3.5 232

The invasion begins at move number 62 (the move immediately following the sealed move). From that point on, black tries to find some way to contain the invaders while keeping his stones connected. The invading white stones unflinchingly push deep within the black moyo and manage to create a living group deep within the black territory that originally splits the black moyo into two unequal pieces before the new living group is separated from the invaders.

(Scott Thompson)


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