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Most amateurs are afraid of fighting ko since it is so complex. These games show that you're right about that.


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The Games
event black white date result #mn game
Castle game
Honinbo Shusaku
Ito Showa
black3 344

Honinbo Shusaku liked to play Castle games as shown by his perfect record in this yearly event (19 wins, no losses). However, Ito Showa came very close beating Shusaku and fierce ko fights were needed to turn this game around.

event black white date result #mn game
Sakata Eio
Go Seigen
white4.5 367

Professional lightning Go gives very special games as shown by this sample: both players apply the ko weapon to fight over every inch of the board.

event black white date result #mn game
China-Japan supergo
Nie Weiping
Komatsu Hideki
black2.75 363

A modern fighting game played during the 8th match between Chinese and Japanese professionals (the super-match).

event black white date result #mn game
Hoshino Toshi
Yamabe Toshiro
black2.00 411

A famous game for it's length alone (411 moves). The length is mainly due to the many ko fights in this game. A great game - the players seem to be playing so 'hardcore', not giving an inch, as if every fight were going to be the last. (Robin Upton)

event black white date result #mn game
Joshiki Teai
Kitani Minoru
Mukai Kazuo
black3.00 256

This is another game that I like because of the huge swap in the middle. It is really an object lesson in how to prepare for fighting kos by making threats available. (Robin Upton)

event black white date result #mn game
Honinbo tournament
Rin Kaiho
Komatsu Hideki
Void 333

A funny thing happened in the 49th Honinbo League between Komatsu Hideki and Rin Kaiho. In a corner fight the best sequence resulted in an eternal ko featuring two stone captures.

event black white date result #mn game
Cho Hunhyun
Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
white0.5 328

I really appreciate this game because of the nice flow right from the start. At move 123 a big Ko occurs - yet it takes 60 moves before it's over, leading to some Furikawari. The game is decided by 0.5 moku, amazing after these masters exchanged that many and big threaths. Balance doesn't need to be static - a memorable battle! (Michael Schneider)


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