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Introduction to the Ancient Wei-chi Patterns
Butterfly (level 3, problem 12)

Archive The place in which public records or historic documents are kept.

(From The 1913 Webster)

(diagrams by sgf2misc)

These problems come from the Chinese book "Wei-chi Ancient Patterns". It's presented to you for your entertainment. In case you really try to solve the problems, here is a suggestion: if a sequence of moves doesn't work try changing the order.

Jan van der Steen, 2003-06-07

Collection overview
There are three chapters:

Chapter Level Problems
Level 1 moderate 17
Level 2 difficult 29
Level 3 very difficult 16

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All material is © copyright by Jan van der Steen. No reproduction, publishing or use in any form is allowed without his explicit permission. The first 3 problems at each level are freely accessible. To access all problems you need a GoBase account. Please refer to the registration page for further details.


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