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5.5 The Super-ko Rule and the End of the Game

As was observed in the discussion of area rules, the super-ko rule is a basic principle of go which forces the game to progress without degenerating into cyclic repetition. No exceptions must be allowed. Various exceptions have been studied as ways of conforming to Japanese tradition, but it has never been proved that these exceptions will not lead to cyclic repetition; there is no telling what sort of anomalies they may cause. Rules that make unproved exceptions to a basic principle in order to preserve traditions that cannot be logically explained are not only dangerous; they mar the simple and natural beauty of the rules of go.

Territory rules I therefore respect the rule of alternate moves, the rule of capture, and the super-ko rule as the three fundamental rules of go, never to be broken by exceptions. These three rules also provide the basis for an international set of rules of go matching area rules III.

If no exceptions are made to the super-ko rule, then it is natural and proper to have the game end with two consecutive passes after the preliminary end.



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