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Japan  tournaments | kisei title, 20th edition, 1996  
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500x328, 36kB

The start of the second day's session.
Watching are: Kirsten, Tommy and Linne Hollmann, Wang-zi Guo, Sanne Hollman

600x408, 156kB

Frank Janssen interviewed for Dutch children TV

400x486, 104kB

John Schouten and Takemiya Masaki

400x362, 64kB

Iwamoto Kaoru and Cho Chikun

500x392, 112kB

The players: Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Satoru

600x402, 124kB

The players: Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Satoru

600x420, 116kB

Mrs. van Zeijst, Gerald Westhoff and Rob van Zeijst

350x506, 84kB

Takemiya Masaki seems comfortable in his wooden shoes

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