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International  tournaments | asia tv cup, 16th edition, 2004  
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Cho Chikun [jp] (right) inflicts Gu Li [cn] his first loss in lightning go this year

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Informal commentaries in the lounge: O Meien (left) and Kobayashi Koichi have a look at the Cho Chikun vs. Gu Li first round game.

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Yu Bin and Zhou Heyang also have ideas to share about it.

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Cho Chikun and Yu Bin (right) are joined by O Meien (center) in a commentary of their 2nd round game.

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The lively discussion focuses on variants following alternatives to Black 73.

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The erosion sequence could look like this...

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... or like that, but once White is connected along the East side, he'd have sente to enclose the South. What gives?

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