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600x688, 180kB

Go meeting in Ischgl, Austria
Nakayama Noriyuki, 6p.

Photo by Mark Dworatzek

500x332, 56kB

Nie Weiping, Cao Dayuan, Ma Xiaochun and Chen Zude (left to right) playing in a senior tournament

450x659, 48kB

Nie Weiping [cn] playing the Chinese City League A [2004-04-15]

350x527, 48kB

Nie Weiping [cn]

350x271, 80kB

Niu Yutian [cn, 5p]

570x285, 48kB

Paewang title, 2003, 1st game: Lee ChangHo versus Yoo ChangHyuk

171x150, 12kB

Peng Quan [cn]

337x264, 16kB

Qiu Jun, 6p from China playing the 16th Mingren title match

344x526, 16kB

Young Qiu Jun [cn]

550x427, 40kB

Lee SeDol [kr] posing during a special Badook TV event

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