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The Contents Grows

The content grew rapidly though partly because of contributions coming from all over the world:

Bob Terry supplying me with biographies of some 500 Go players and James Davies contributing his monthly "News from Japan". These articles stimulated me to create the contents as background information.

For example, if James would report on the Kisei match between Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Koichi I would make sure I included links to the players' biographies, created a page giving an overview of the Kisei tournament, added the game records of the match, a picture of the players and maybe even a picture of the particular event.

After one year of operation I had some 1.000 hits per day which seemed to indicate that people were interested to get this kind of Go information. This stimulated me to work even harder to create additional content.

But as contents grew it became more and more important to have software to assist me in maintaining the site, making sure listings and names were consistent: I needed a database program.

Fortunately, two years earlier in 1992, I was involved in another major project: GoBase.


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