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Japan  tournaments | honinbo title, 6th edition, 1951  
Title match
Hashimoto Utaro JP
hashimoto_utaro|Born 1907-02-27
Died 1994-07-24
Rank 9p
Stored games 2466
Using this name 2464

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Sakata Eio JP
ki000006|Born 1920-02-15
Died 2010-10-22
Rank 9p
Stored games 2064
Using this name 2064

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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T
  Hashimoto Utaro   blackR [print] black2.5 whiteR [print] [print] [print] 4
  Sakata Eio   [print] black4.5 [print] [print] white10.5 black10.5 black3.5 3

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League playoff

After the league, there was a three-way tie for first, which was resolved by a round robin won by Sakata.

  1 2 3 T
  1. Kitani Minoru, 8 dan   X [print] white9.5 1
  2. Hasegawa Akira, 7 dan   whiteR X
  3. Sakata Eio, 7 dan   [print] no more details? X 2
League demotion playoff

There was a single elimination playoff for fourth place (to retain a place in the league). Fujisawa received a first round by, and won his game (against Takagawa).

Nevertheless, he did not participate in the 7th title. On the other hand, Takagawa came back through the preliminary round to regain his place in the league, which he won and went on to defeat Hashimoto Utaro in the title match to begin his remarkable run of nine straight Honinbo titles (only recently surpassed by Cho Chikun).

black white date place result #mn game
Fujisawa Kuranosuke
Takagawa Kaku
blackR 189
Takagawa Kaku
Iwamoto Kaoru
black6.5 250
Challenger league
  1 2 3 4 5 6 T
  1. Kitani Minoru, 8 dan   X [print] black3.5 [print] whiteR [print] 3
  2. Hasegawa Akira, 7 dan   white5.5 X [print] blackR [print] [print] 3
  3. Sakata Eio, 7 dan   [print] white3.5 X [print] black2.5 [print] 3
  4. Fujisawa Kuranosuke, 9 dan   whiteR [print] black3.5 X [print] blackR 2
  5. Iwamoto Kaoru, 8 dan   [print] blackR [print] black3.5 X white6.5 2
  6. Takagawa Kaku, 7 dan   blackR whiteR white3.5 [print] [print] X 2
League preliminary

In the first stage, 32 unseeded 5, 6 and 7 dans were sorted into five knockout groups.

black white date place result #mn game
Magari Reiki
Miwa Yoshiro
black4.5 255
Fujisawa Hideyuki
Miyashita Shuyo
whiteR 250
Sakai Michiharu
Maeda Nobuaki
whiteR 196

The winners of these groups (Sakata Eio 7 dan, Mitsuhara Itaro 7 dan, Miyashita Shuyo 7 dan, Shinohara Masami 6 dan and Magari Reiki 5 dan) advanced to the second stage along with the five players who had 3-3 scores in the 5th Honinbo league (Fujisawa Kuranosuke 9 dan, Hasegawa Akira 7 dan, Hayashi Yutaro 7 dan, Kitani Minoru 7 dan, Takagawa Kaku 7 dan).

In the second stage, players were eliminated after two losses.

First round (1950-08-10,11)

Fujisawa KuranosukeMiyashita ShuyoB+5.5
Takagawa KakuKitani MinoruW+R
Mitsuhara ItaroHasegawa AkiraB+2.5
Sakata EioHayashi YutaroB+R
Magari ReikiShinohara MasamiB+R

Second round (1950-08-16,17)

Takagawa KakuFujisawa KuranosukeB+R
Mitsuhara ItaroKitani MinoruW+2.5
Miyashita ShuyoHayashi YutaroB+8.5
Shinohara MasamiHasegawa AkiraW+5.5
Magari ReikiSakata EioW+R

Third round (1950-08-23,24)

Fujisawa KuranosukeMitsuhara ItaroB+R
Takagawa KakuMiyashita ShuyoB+R
Hasegawa AkiraMagari ReikiB+R

The five survisors of this stage advanced into the league along with Iwamoto Kaoru 8 dan, who was defeated in the previous Honinbo title match.

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