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Japan  tournaments | old meijin title, 1st edition, 1962  
Title league
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 T
  1. Go Seigen, 9 dan   X [print] [print] [print] blackR black8.0 [print] [print] [print] black4.0 [print] [print] [print] 9
  2. Hashimoto Shoji, 8 dan   black9.0 X [print] white1.0 [print] blackR [print] black3.0 [print] [print] [print] blackR [print] 7
  3. Hashimoto Utaro, 9 dan   white7.0 whiteR X black1.0 black12.0 white7.0 whiteR black7.0 [print] black3.0 [print] blackR [print] 3
  4. Miyashita Shuyo, 9 dan   blackR [print] [print] X whiteR blackR [print] [print] blackR whiteR [print] whiteR white5.0 5
  5. Fujisawa Shuko, 8 dan   [print] blackR [print] [print] X [print] blackR [print] [print] [print] black1.0 [print] [print] 9
  6. Fujisawa Hosai, 9 dan   [print] [print] [print] [print] black8.0 X white8.0 blackR [print] blackR [print] blackR black5.0 6
  7. Kitani Minoru, 9 dan   blackR black6.0 [print] white1.0 [print] [print] X [print] black2.0 [print] white6.0 [print] [print] 7
  8. Sugiuchi Masao, 9 dan   whiteR [print] [print] black1.0 blackR [print] blackR X [print] blackR blackR whiteR [print] 5
  9. Takagawa Kaku, 9 dan   blackR white1.0 blackR [print] whiteR blackR [print] blackR X [print] whiteR blackR whiteR 3
  10. Shimamura Toshihiro, 9 dan   [print] black3.0 [print] [print] black7.0 [print] black3.0 [print] whiteR X black1.0 white6.0 black1.0 5
  11. Handa Dogen, 9 dan   blackR blackR blackR whiteR [print] black7.0 [print] [print] [print] [print] X [print] [print] 7
  12. Sakata Eio, 9 dan   white0.0 [print] [print] [print] blackR [print] white2.0 [print] [print] [print] black3.0 X [print] 8
  13. Iwata Tatsuaki, 7 dan   blackR black2.0 white2.0 [print] whiteR [print] black4.0 white2.0 [print] [print] blackR whiteR X 4


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Historical note

Until about 1977, the Meijin event was conducted with a 5 point komi, with White to win in case of a tie ('jigo'). In a match, this is effectively the same as 5.5 komi, but in this league, a White win by a tie (W+jigo) was not worth the same as any other win. Thus Shuko won the 1st Meijin league (1962) ahead of Go Seigen because Go's win against Sakata was a jigo win with White, while all of Shuko's wins were fully valued. (Shuko also happened to win his individual game against Go Seigen, but that seems to have had no extra value.)
Source - The Go Players Almanac, Bozulich (Ishi Press, 1992).

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