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Game printing
Using sgf2misc online you can print game records to various popular output formats such as PostScript, EPSF files, various image formats or plain ASCII (to use for E-mail or Usenet for example). Using the input form you can either enter SGF code from scratch, print game records from or upload your own game records. Depending on the output format choosen you can specify various print options such as colour, coordinates, comments, diagrams and you can set the moments at which a diagram should be printed. The sgf2misc online software knows about the FG[] tag, so if it's present in the SGF code it will be used.
tasks Print a game record in various output formats
sample game printing - image mode
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Tournament coverageSchemes, games and pictures of a tournament edition
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Player biographyPlayer biography, progression, performance, games
Player title matchesIndex of title matches a player appeared in
Player game listIndex of games a player appeared in
Player browserSearch a player by name
Player searchSearch a player by detailed properties
Tournament picturesView pictures related to a tournament edition
Picture galleryPicture collections of players, events and more
Game searchSearch games by properties
Advanced game searchPowerful query syntax to search games by properties
Game replayReplay games online
Game printingPrint a game record in various output formats
Game conversionConvert a game record to various other popular formats
Internet Go dictionaryLook up and study Go jargon and Go proverbs
Your repositoryStore your games, use GoBase to organize and analyze them
Korean problem academyFollow the Korean curriculum to improve your reading
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