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  • The expression syntax is similar to C-expressions including the order of evaluation.
  • In relational expressions of the form key relop "val" the "val" must be quoted using double quotes.

Below an overview of the expression syntax and operators which can be used in these expressions.

Supported Operators
Relational Operators Logical Operators
== Equal && Logical AND
!= Not equal || Logical OR
> Greater Unary Operators
>= Greater-equal (E) Expression grouping
< Lower !(E) Negation
<= Lower-equal

Supported Keys

The key part of relational expressions is a selection of SGF keys (see SGF format) or any of a set of GoBase specific keys:

FF[4] keys

Key Explanation Examples NULL
ev Event "Honinbo", "Kisei", ... ""
sz Board size "9", ..., "19" 0
pb Black player "Cho Chikun", ... ""
pw White player
br Black rank "1", ..., "9" "0"
wr White rank
ha Handicap
The number of black stones on the board the moment white makes her 1st move
"1", ..., "9" "0"
km Komi "0", "0.5", "2.75", "5.5", "8.0", ... "???"
tm Allotted time
The allotted thinking time for the game in seconds.
"0", "600", "3600", "28800", ... "?"
dt Date
"1843", "1843-12", "1843-12-02", ... ""
pc Place
"CN", "JP", "US", ... "??"
re Result
The format is either:

  "Void" (no result or suspended)
  "?" (unknown result)
  "0" (draw/jigo)
  "color+spec" (see below)

where color is either B or W and spec is either:

    R (resignation)
    F (forfeit)
    T (time)

Examples: "B+R", "B+000.50", "J", "Void", "W+003.75", "W+T"


GoBase specific keys

Key Explanation Examples NULL
gn Game number
Database record identification number.
"0", "1", ... -
fsize File size
The filesize (in KB) of the electronic game record.
"1", "2", ... -
mtime Modification time
The last time the electronic game record was modified.
(See dt) -
moves Number of recorded moves "0", "1", ... -
pp Player
Any of pb or pw
(See pb or pw) ""
rk Rank
Any of br or wr
(See br or wr) "0"
bpid Black player id "1", "2", ... "0"
wpid White player id
pid Player id
Any of bpid or wpid.
(See bpid or wpid) "0"
pb1 pb2
pb3 pb4
pb5 pb6
1st, 2nd, ..., 6th black player
pb1 is the same as pb. The other properties are only set in case of rengo or pairgo games.
(See pb) ""
bteam Black team
Any of pb1, ..., pb6
br1 br2
br3 br4
br5 br6
1st, 2nd, ..., 6th black player rank
br1 is the same as br. The other properties are only set in case of rengo or pairgo games.
(See br) "0"
brank Black rank
Any of br1, ..., br6
pw1 pw2
pw3 pw4
pw5 pw6
1st, 2nd, ..., 6th white player
pw1 is the same as pw. The other properties are only set in case of rengo or pairgo games.
(See pw) ""
wteam White team
Any of pw1, ..., pw6
wr1 wr2
wr3 wr4
wr5 wr6
1st, 2nd, ..., 6th white player rank
wr1 is the same as wr. The other properties are only set in case of rengo or pairgo games.
(See wr) "0"
wrank White rank
Any of wr1, ..., wr6

Sort Modes

The following sort modes are defined on the returned search page:

Sort modes
Name1st key2nd keyreversed
File sizefsdtNo
Number of movesmndtNo

The secondary key is used when the primary key values match during the search. In some cases one would like to define 3rd and 4th sort keys, but the interface currently doesn't allow this. By default, the lists are sorted reversed by dt so the most recent games come first in the list.

Regarding the Generated Output

By default batches of 25 games maximum will be returned in order to limit network traffic. This number can be adjusted on the returned search page. Another note regarding the listings: if you search for, say Cho Chikun and the listing shows:

black white date place result #mn game
Yoshida Mika
Kobayashi Izumi
whiteR 208

Then the game is a pair-go game with one of the players being the player you were looking for (in the example Yoshida Mika, 6p played with Cho Chikun, 9p against Kobayashi Izumi, 2p and Otake Hideo, 9p). The pairgo tournament overview pages will show this game as:

black team white team date place result #mn game
Yoshida Mika
Cho Chikun
Kobayashi Izumi
Otake Hideo
whiteR 208

To achieve this select the bteam and wteam properties on the generated page and request a new listing to make all players in team matches visible. (In that case you might want to turn off Black/White player since they will be included in the team as well.)
From this page you can generate a listing of all games with more than one player with the search expression (just one example):

(pb2 != "" || pw2 != "")

GoBase stores up to 6 players of each team.

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