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This section is devoted to book previews, typically featuring a few chapters of the book and the information how you could purchase it.
First Kyu First Kyu, by Dr. SungHwa Hong

Once you start reading "First Kyu" there is no way to stop. A fascinating book which reflects so well the committment and love for the game of Baduk which flows through the vains of a real Go addict. An exciting book with a thrilling storyline keeping the reader in suspense till the very end.

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Ricard Vila Semeai-01ES, by Ricard Vila

I have stayed for six months in AI laboratory, Université Paris VII. During this time I have made my Master Thesis under the supervision of Tristan Cazenave. Here you can find the main results of my work.

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European Go Congress 2007 European Go Congress 2007, Villach, Austria, by the Osterreichischer GO-Verband

Villach, a fairy tale city with a population of 60.000, at a sea level of 500 m, surrounded by mountains and lakes of drinking water quality, and being a nature reserve, guarantees a climate of "sunny but not too hot". It's the venue for the 2007 European Go Congress. Read the introduction written by the organizers.

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