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Japan  tournaments | meijin title, 7th edition, 1982  
Title match
Cho Chikun KR
ki000004|Born 1956-06-20
Rank 9p
Stored games 3222
Using this name 3118

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Otake Hideo JP
ki000008|Born 1942-05-12
Rank 9p
Stored games 2322
Using this name 2320

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  1 2 3 4 5 T
  Cho Chikun   [print] [print] [print] blackR [print] 4
  Otake Hideo   blackR whiteR blackR [print] blackR 1

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During the 2nd game of the title match Otake suffered a strained back after the previous night festival and couldn't sleep all night. After 30 minutes of the first day opening (at 6 moves), he could not continue to play. He had his back treated at the hospital in Amagasaki city, carried by an ambulance from Takarazuka. Fortunately he could come back at noon and continue to play sitting in a chair (for the first time during a title match). The time consumption of move B7 was recorded as 2.5 hours. The first day was finished after 27 moves at 16:00. (As an aside: Cho Chikun was injured in a traffic accident on the 6th of January 1986, and he had to play the 10th Kisei title match in a wheel chair.)


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Challenger league
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T
  1. Kato Masao, 9 dan   X [print] [print] white4.5 blackR whiteR no more details? [print] blackR 4
  2. Otake Hideo, 9 dan   blackR X [print] [print] [print] [print] no more details? [print] [print] 7
  3. Rin Kaiho, 9 dan   whiteR black11.5 X [print] blackR [print] no more details? [print] [print] 5
  4. Takemiya Masaki, 9 dan   [print] white3.5 black0.5 X whiteR [print] white2.5 [print] white1.5 3
  5. Kobayashi Koichi, 9 dan   [print] black2.5 [print] [print] X whiteT no more details? white3.5 [print] 5
  6. Sakata Eio, 9 dan   [print] white6.5 blackR white12.5 [print] X [print] [print] [print] 5
  7. Shimamura Toshihiro, 9 dan  

blackR X white7.5 blackR 1
  8. Honda Kunihisa, 9 dan   black1.5 whiteR black3.5 white0.5 [print] whiteR [print] X whiteR 2
  9. Hane Yasumasa, 9 dan   [print] blackR whiteR [print] whiteR blackR [print] [print] X 4

Shimamura revived from the qualification knockout like a phoenix. However, he suddenly broke down by a cerebral apoplexy during the 14th league game (against Sakata Eio). He tried to stand up, but couldn't so the game was over at 141 move. Because he forfeited his remaining 4 games as well the 7th league was finished after 32 games.

Challenger qualification
Ishida Yoshio, 9 dan Hane Yasumasa
Hane Yasumasa, 8 dan
Fujisawa Shuko, 9 dan, kisei Shimamura Toshihiro
Shimamura Toshihiro, 9 dan
Honda Kunihisa, 9 dan Honda Kunihisa
Takagawa Shukaku, 9 dan

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