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The Meijin title is decided in a best of seven match with 8 hours thinking time per person. The challenger comes from a league with 9 participants. The players in the league are ordered according to their results in the previous year. The winner becomes challenger (a playoff game decides in case of a tie) and the lowest three players demote and are replaced by the winners of the three qualification knockout tournaments. Again, in case of a tie a playoff game decides who demotes. The 19th edition of the tournament shows all stages, so you can get an idea. These pages include all title match games and the league and playoff games when available. The Japanese Title Overview page shows what's available.

The Meijin is the second most prestigeous title with a first prize of about USD 200,000,=

 Asahi Shimbun 
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Edition Final Details
46th 2021 Iyama Yuta Ichiriki Ryo 4-3
45th 2020 Iyama Yuta Shibano Toramaru 4-1
44th 2019 Shibano Toramaru Cho U 4-1
43rd 2018 Cho U Iyama Yuta 4-3
42nd 2017 Iyama Yuta Takao Shinji 4-1
41st 2016 Takao Shinji Iyama Yuta 4-3
40th 2015 Iyama Yuta Takao Shinji 4-0
39th 2014 Iyama Yuta Kono Rin 4-2
38th 2013 Iyama Yuta Yamashita Keigo 4-1
37th 2012 Yamashita Keigo Hane Naoki 4-3
36th 2011 Yamashita Keigo Iyama Yuta 4-2
35th 2010 Iyama Yuta Takao Shinji 4-0
34th 2009 Iyama Yuta Cho U 4-1
33rd 2008 Cho U Iyama Yuta 4-3
32nd 2007 Cho U Takao Shinji 4-3
31st 2006 Takao Shinji Cho U 4-2
30th 2005 Cho U Kobayashi Satoru 4-3
29th 2004 Cho U Yoda Norimoto 4-2
28th 2003 Yoda Norimoto Yamashita Keigo 4-1
27th 2002 Yoda Norimoto Cho Chikun 4-1
26th 2001 Yoda Norimoto Rin Kaiho 4-2
25th 2000 Yoda Norimoto Cho Chikun 4-0
24th 1999 Cho Chikun Yoda Norimoto 4-1
23rd 1998 Cho Chikun O Rissei 4-2-1
22nd 1997 Cho Chikun Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
21st 1996 Cho Chikun Takemiya Masaki 4-2
20th 1995 Takemiya Masaki Kobayashi Koichi 4-1
19th 1994 Kobayashi Koichi Rin Kaiho 4-0
18th 1993 Kobayashi Koichi Otake Hideo 4-1
17th 1992 Kobayashi Koichi Otake Hideo 4-3
16th 1991 Kobayashi Koichi Rin Kaiho 4-1
15th 1990 Kobayashi Koichi Otake Hideo 4-2
14th 1989 Kobayashi Koichi Awaji Shuzo 4-1
13th 1988 Kobayashi Koichi Kato Masao 4-1
12th 1987 Kato Masao Rin Kaiho 4-0
11th 1986 Kato Masao Kobayashi Koichi 4-0
10th 1985 Kobayashi Koichi Cho Chikun 4-3
9th 1984 Cho Chikun Otake Hideo 4-3
8th 1983 Cho Chikun Otake Hideo 4-1
7th 1982 Cho Chikun Otake Hideo 4-1
6th 1981 Cho Chikun Kato Masao 4-0
5th 1980 Cho Chikun Otake Hideo 4-1
4th 1979 Otake Hideo Sakata Eio 4-1
3rd 1978 Otake Hideo Rin Kaiho 4-2
2nd 1977 Rin Kaiho Otake Hideo 4-0
1st 1976 Otake Hideo Ishida Yoshio 4-1


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In the overview players link to their biographies while results link to a detailed description of the edition.

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To find the name of a player in other languages such as Chinese or Korean please refer either to the dictionary pages, Internet Go Dictionary or their biography pages.


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