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Japan 06-26 62nd Honinbo title

The 62nd Honinbo is known and his name is Takao Shinji. With very convincing play the title holder managed to rebuff the challenge of Yoda Norimoto. The latter must feel a little disappointed not having been able to put on more of a fight. It all seemed so easy for the title holder although that might only be the appearance since great Go always looks simple. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji

Japan 06-24 A new record: 71 major titles

Incidently, by winning the 45th Judan title earlier this year Cho Chikun broke the old record of Sakata Eio by collecting 71 major titles in his career.
Thanks to Matt Luce for reminding us of this amazing achievement. more

Cho Chikun

Japan 06-19 62nd Honinbo title

Yoda Norimoto is facing kado-ban, ie. losing one more game will lose the match. It seems no matter what Yoda throws at Takao, the title holder is going his way, taking points everywhere and dealing with tactics efficiently. Let's see whether Yoda will find the right strategy before the end of the match. The match is covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji

Japan 06-07 62nd Honinbo title

The 3rd game of the best-of-seven for the Honinbo title featured an opening which everyone who was watching the game felt it favored Yoda. However, on the edge of middle and endgame Yoda made a series of slow moves. Takao took his chance and ran off with more points. The match is covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji


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