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Japan 09-27 32nd Meijin title

Takao Shinji, Meijin, is facing an uphill battle after also losing the 3rd game in the title match for the 32nd Meijin title against challenger and Gosei Cho U. Despite some incomprehensible but surely clever endgame the title holder could not close the gap which seemed to have been present for most of the game. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho U

European Union 09-25 The 4th International GO Tournament of Lyon

This year the Lyon International Go Tournament (27th-28th of October) will be held in the heart of the historical quarter, the old part of Lyon known as Vieux Lyon, renowned for its vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, next to the Theatre de Guignol, on the Saône river. Subscribe now! more

Lyon 2007

Japan 09-20 33rd Tengen title

It's fascinating how some players have a special bond with certain titles. Remember Fujisawa Shuko in the Kisei for example? Yamashita Keigo seems to have something special with the Tengen title, appearing the last five editions in the title match, once as title holder, four times as challenger. Will Yamashita be able to beat Kono Rin this time?! more

Yamashita Keigo

Japan 09-20 32nd Meijin title

Cho U made it all square in the match for the 32nd Meijin title. Takao Shinji, Meijin, fell behind and was unable to catch up. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho U

European Union 09-16 EGC 2008

The 2008 European Go Congress in Leksand, Sweden is open for subscription. Early subscribers pay less and have more choice for lodging, so why not subscribe now? The congress will be covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

European Go Congress 2008, Leksand, Sweden

Japan 09-07 32nd Meijin title

The current Meijin, Takao Shinji is challenged by Cho U (Gosei). The Meijin took off in great spirit, winning the 1st game on points. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji


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