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Welcome to the GoBase demo. These pages will show you examples of use of GoBase, the Go database program. It will illustrate the speed of the program, the flexibility of use and the features of the program which makes studying Go more instructive and fun at the same time.

The demo will explain you how you can instruct GoBase to look for the information you are interested in. The demo will also show you how you can use GoBase as a powerful tool to seriously study the game of Go.

GoBase's Powerful Search Engine

The kernel of GoBase is a powerful search engine which allows you to access a collection of thousands of games in a matter of seconds. Let us illustrate this immediately with an example:

kakuyoku formation
Searching for the Kakuyoku Formation

GoBase builds Variation Trees

What the previous example didn't show you is that GoBase also builds variation trees from the games it finds. Let's illustrate what these variation trees are by investigating the tree built during the previous search:

kakuyoku tree
The Kakuyoku Tree

GoBase links Variations and Games

We just showed you the variation browser of GoBase. What we didn't show was the relation GoBase creates between variations and actual games:

variations and games
Variations and Games

Use GoBase to Study Joseki

Using the variation browser and the possibility to call games from the database which contain the examined position provides us with a powerful tool to study joseki:

studying joseki
Studying Joseki

Use GoBase to Study Fuseki

What applies to joseki study applies to fuseki study as well. We can study fuseki with real-world examples attached to each and every branch in the variation tree:

studying fuseki
Studying Fuseki

GoBase and Full-Board Searches

GoBase can also be used to do full-board searches. In this case the games found are assured to have exactly the same position as specified by the search key:

Full-Board 19x19
Full-Board 9x9

Studying Chuban with GoBase

With GoBase you can endlessly study the middle game of Go. For example, you might discover regularities in chuban positions like the following frequently occuring positions:

studying chuban
Studying Chuban (1)
studying chuban
Studying Chuban (2)
studying chuban
Studying Chuban (3)

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