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Japan  tournaments | meijin title, 24th edition, 1999  
Title match
Cho Chikun KR
ki000004|Born 1956-06-20
Rank 9p
Stored games 3222
Using this name 3118

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Yoda Norimoto JP
ki000101|Born 1966-02-11
Rank 9p
Stored games 1804
Using this name 1803

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  1 2 3 4 5 T
  Cho Chikun   [print] [print] blackR [print] [print] 4
  Yoda Norimoto   white1.5 black3.5 [print] blackR white1.5 1

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The professionals usually have to give speeches during the reception on the evening before each title match game. During the speech before the 4th game Cho said something funny:

Yoda said that he knew he was up against an opponent that was maybe too tough for him, but he was determined to win the Meijin at least once in his life. Cho replied that as he hoped to win the Meijin at least 10 times on the trot to match his record in the Honinbo, he wished Yoda a long life.


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Challenger league
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T
  1. O Rissei, 9 dan   X blackR white1.5 black1.5 [print] [print] [print] [print] [print] 5
  2. Kato Masao, 9 dan   [print] X blackR white3.5 blackR [print] black2.5 [print] [print] 4
  3. Yoda Norimoto, 9 dan   [print] [print] X black1.5 [print] black0.5 [print] [print] [print] 6
  4. Kobayashi Koichi, 9 dan   [print] [print] [print] X black5.5 [print] [print] [print] black4.5 6
  5. Ryu Shikun, 7 dan   black0.5 [print] black0.5 [print] X [print] [print] [print] [print] 6
  6. Takemiya Masaki, 9 dan   white0.5 black1.5 [print] black3.5 white7.5 X [print] white1.5 [print] 3
  7. Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan   black0.5 [print] blackR whiteR blackR white3.5 X [print] [print] 3
  8. Mimura Tomoyasu, 8 dan   whiteR black2.5 white0.5 blackR whiteR [print] white2.5 X [print] 2
  9. Sakai Maki, 6 dan   blackR whiteR blackR [print] blackR white4.5 blackR white1.5 X 1
Challenger qualification
Mimura Tomoyasu, 8 dan Mimura Tomoyasu
Yamashita Keigo, 6 dan
Morita Michihiro, 9 dan Sakai Maki
Sakai Maki, 6 dan
Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan Kobayashi Satoru
Yamada Kimio, Oza

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