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Japan  tournaments | meijin title, 25th edition, 2000  
Title match
Yoda Norimoto JP
ki000101|Born 1966-02-11
Rank 9p
Stored games 1804
Using this name 1803

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Cho Chikun KR
ki000004|Born 1956-06-20
Rank 9p
Stored games 3222
Using this name 3118

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  1 2 3 4 T
  Yoda Norimoto   [print] [print] [print] [print] 4
  Cho Chikun   blackR whiteR blackR whiteR 0

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Hotel Okura
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
the Netherlands

The players:

Cho Chikun Yoda Norimoto
From left to right:
Cho Chikun, 9 dan, Meijin title holder
Yoda Norimoto, 9 dan, NHK challenger

The attending professionals:

Ishida Yoshio Takemiya Masaki Mizuma Toshifumi Shibusawa Machiko Kato Masao Shirae Haruhiko
From left to right:
Ishida Yoshio, 9 dan referee
Takemiya Masaki, 9 dan live commentator
Mizuma Toshifumi, 7 dan game recorder
Shibusawa Machiko, shodan game recorder
Kato Masao, 9 dan NHK commentator
Shirae Haruhiko, 7 dan NHK commentator


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Challenger playoff
Yoda Norimoto, 9 dan Yoda Norimoto
O Meien, 9 dan
Yoda Norimoto O Meien
From left to right:
Yoda Norimoto, 9 dan, NHK
O Meien, 9 dan, Honinbo

This game resulted in a win by Yoda Norimoto as black (2.5 points, 247 moves) so Yoda will be the challenger of title holder Cho Chikun. His comment after the game: "I am very tired"
Yoda has been challenger before of Cho in best-of-seven matches: last years Meijin match (4-1 for Cho) and the 22nd Kisei match (4-2 for Cho).

Challenger league
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T
  1. Yoda Norimoto, 9 dan   X [print] [print] black0.5 [print] [print] white4.5 [print] [print] 6
  2. Kobayashi Koichi, Judan   white1.5 X blackR white13.5 [print] [print] black2.5 white1.5 [print] 3
  3. Ryu Shikun, 7 dan   black0.5 [print] X black0.5 white0.5 [print] [print] [print] whiteR 4
  4. O Rissei, Oza   [print] [print] [print] X black0.5 [print] black9.5 [print] blackR 5
  5. Kato Masao, 9 dan   blackR whiteR [print] [print] X blackR [print] [print] white4.5 4
  6. Takemiya Masaki, 9 dan   white0.5 black19.5 white5.5 blackR [print] X blackR [print] black6.5 2
  7. O Meien, 9 dan   [print] [print] black3.5 [print] blackR [print] X [print] [print] 6
  8. Imamura Yoshiaki, 8 dan   whiteR [print] whiteR black4.5 whiteR black2.5 white2.5 X black0.5 1
  9. Hane Naoki, 7 dan   blackR whiteR [print] [print] [print] [print] blackR [print] X 5
Yoda Norimoto Kobayashi Koichi Ryu Shikun O Rissei
Kato Masao Takemiya Masaki O Meien Imamura Yoshiaki Hane Naoki
Qualification tournament
Mimura Tomoyasu, 8 dan Awaji Shuzo Awaji Shuzo O Meien
Awaji Shuzo, 9 dan
Yamada Kimio, 7 dan Yamada Kimio Akiyama Jiro
Hoshino Masaki, 7 dan
Akiyama Jiro, 6 dan
Kobayashi Izumi, Female Kakusei Kobayashi Izumi
O Meien
Goto Shungo, 9 dan
Kataoka Satoshi, 9 dan O Meien O Meien
O Meien, 9 dan
Tono Hiroaki, 9 dan

Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan Imamura Yoshiaki Imamura Yoshiaki Imamura Yoshiaki
Imamura Yoshiaki, 8 dan
Ko Mosei, 8 dan Ko Mosei
Shiraishi Yutaka, 9 dan
Ishida Yoshio, 9 dan
Yuki Satoshi, 9 dan Ishida Atsushi Kono Rin
Ishida Atsushi, 8 dan
Yo Kagen, 8 dan Yo Kagen Kono Rin
Ishii Mamura, 9 dan
Kono Rin, 5 dan

Sakai Maki, 7 dan Sakai Maki Hane Naoki Hane Naoki
Sekiyama Toshimichi, 7 dan
Hane Naoki, 7 dan Hane Naoki Hane Naoki
Kudo Norio, 9 dan
Kurahashi Masayuki, 8 dan
Yamashiro Hiroshi, 9 dan Yamashiro Hiroshi Sonoda Yuichi
Otake Hideo, 9 dan
Komatsu Fujio, 8 dan Hikosaka Naoto Sonoda Yuichi
Hikosaka Naoto, 9 dan
Sonoda Yuichi, 9 dan
black white date place result #mn game
Rin Kaiho
Kobayashi Izumi
white7.5 209

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