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International 02-26

Lee ChangHo [kr] brings home the 6th Nongshim Cup with a marvelous display of power by beating 5 formidable opponents from China and Japan in a row. more

Lee ChangHo

Japan 02-26

In the Pandanet Open Professional and Amateur Internet World Go Championship professionals from all over the world showed up on IGS to play their 3rd round games against the amateurs who survived the fierce preliminary rounds. Can you figure out all professionals by their sometimes cryptic names? The game records in SGF format are available from more


Japan 02-25 29th Kisei title

Yuki Satoshi [jp], challenger for the 29th Kisei title takes the lead with a convincing win in the 5th game against the title holder Hane Naoki [jp]. Next game: 6th of march. more

Yuki Satoshi

Japan 02-24

First blood in the Women's Meijin title goes to Kobayashi Izumi, Meijin. In a rather messy game she killed a huge group of challenger Koyama Terumi, 5p. more

Kobayashi Izumi

Korea 02-19

Young Choi CheolHan [kr] defends his Guksu title in a very convincing style by beating challenger Lee ChangHo [kr] in three straight wins, an impressive performance. more

Choi CheolHan

Japan 02-17 29th Kisei title

Unusual shapes and fighting in the 4th game of the title match for the 29th Kisei title. In an interesting center battle Yuki Satoshi [jp] forces the title holder Hane Naoki [jp] to resign in just 124 moves. The match is all square again. Next game: 24th of february. more

Yuki Satoshi

Japan 02-03 29th Kisei title

The 3rd game of the 29th Kisei title match goes to Hane Naoki [jp]. In a close battle it's Hane Yasumasa, 9p [jp] his son who takes the point, despite a good game by Yuki Satoshi's [jp]. Study it to grasp the meaning of furikawari. Next game: 16th of february. more

Hane Yasumasa

Japan 02-03

The final of the Judan challenger tournament featured an exciting game where Cho Chikun sacrificed a large amount of stones to Takao Shinji to enclose a large territory. It was just enough to ensure a close win. more

Cho Chikun

Japan 02-03

The final of the Judan challenger tournament live on IGS. Will Cho Chikun once again become challenger for one of the seven big titles? See for yourself... His opponent is Takao Shinji. more



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