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Japan 04-27

Cho Chikun takes the 5th and deciding game of the 43rd Judan title match, thus taking over the title from O Rissei. It's Cho's 4th Judan title and 40th top-seven title overall. more

Cho Chikun

European Union 04-24 European Pair Go Championships

On the 23rd and 24th of April the European Pair Go Championships was played in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Besides the live coverage on PandaNet the championships were also covered live by webcam. The combination worked very well. more


International 04-18

Dear friends and family of Micha,
We invite you to gather and commemorate the life of Micha Leuw. We will meet at the same place where Micha played chess with his friends of Caïssa:

Saturday, the 7th of mei, 14.00
De Oranjekerk, Tweede van der Helststraat (crossing Ceintuurbaan)
1071 TK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The gathering will be informal, very much in the same spirit of Micha.

Ed Leuw, Jetty Tempelman, Maarten Leuw more

Micha Leuw

Japan 04-17

Hane Naoki becomes the 1st Pandanet Open Professional and Amateur Internet World Go champion by beating Kobayashi Koichi in an all-Japanese final. The finals were played live on IGS-PandaNet from the PandaNet office in Tokyo, Japan. The game records in SGF format are available from more


Japan 04-14

It's all square in the title match for the 43rd Judan title. Cho Chikun takes the challenge in a complicated joseki initiated by title holder O Rissei and while sacrificing a center group picks up lots of points elsewhere in the process. Deciding game: 27th of April. more

Cho Chikun

International 04-11

Are the Chinese and Korean ruling the international Go world? The eight-finals of the 18th Fujitsu Cup saw the exit of all Japanese and created the line-up for the quarter-finals between 4 Korean, 3 Chinese and a Taiwanese (living and studying in Japan). To be continued in June (see agenda). more

Japan 04-07

O Rissei goes into the lead for the 43rd Judan title. In another epic battle some groups exchanged ownership and left Cho Chikun short of points. Next game: 14th of April. more

O Rissei

Japan 04-04

Takao Shinji beats Cho Sonjin in the challenger final and will now face title holder Cho U for the 60th Honinbo title match. The match starts the 9th of May and will be covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji

Japan 04-02

The preliminary round of the Pandanet Open Professional and Amateur Internet World Go Championship has finished. The remaining 8 players, all professional will play the face-to-face finals on the 16th and 17th of April in Tokyo, Japan. All these games will be covered live on IGS-PandaNet. The game records in SGF format are available from more



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