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Japan 09-29 Meijin title, 3rd game

Kobayashi Satoru, the challenger for the 30th Meijin title doesn't seem to be able to get a grip on the game of title holder Cho U. Also the 3rd game goes to the latter, leaving the challenger facing kadoban: one more loss will lose the match. To be continued on the 11th of October. more

Cho U

Japan 09-28 Meijin title, 3rd game

Today the 30 Meijin title continues. The 3rd game in a best-of-seven often is a crucial one, comparable with the 7th game in a tennis set. If Kobayashi wins, it will be 2-1 and the match will be completely open again. If Cho wins it, it will be 3-0, a nearly decisive lead. Both players will do their utmost best this game. The game is covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho UKobayashi Satoru

Japan 09-28 30th Shinjin-O tournament

Kim Shushun, pupil of Cho Chikun, is the new Shinjin-O beating 16 years old talent Iyama Yuta in the final with straight wins. more

Kim Shushun

Japan 09-23 Cho U takes 2-0 lead in Meijin

Kobayashi Satoru doesn't seem to get a grip yet on title holder Cho U who also takes the 2nd game to take a clear 2-0 lead and seems well on his way to defend his title. The match continues the 28th of September. more

Cho U

Japan 09-21 30th Meijin challenger

As promised, the play-off game between Kobayashi Satoru and Yamashita Keigo to decide the challenger of the 30th Meijin title. We know the result but the game is interesting study material indeed. more

Kobayashi Satoru

International 09-19 Jürgen Mattern

Some old-timer games have been added to the GoBase collection. Jürgen Mattern, 7 times European Champion is playing handicap games against Japanese professionals. Thanks goes to Jérôme Hubert for the game records. more


Japan 09-15 30th Shinjin-O tournament

The first game of the Shinjin-O final is won by Kim Shushun, pupil of Cho Chikun. His opponent is the Japanese 16 years old talent Iyama Yuta. more

Kim Shushun

Korea 09-15 49th Guksu challenger tournament

The players for the final for the challenger tournament of the 49th Guksu are known: Yoon HyunSeok versus Lee ChangHo who beats his teacher Cho HunHyun in the semi-finals. The winner will meet the winner of the loser section to decide the challenger of title holder Choi CheolHan. more

Lee ChangHo

Japan 09-08 53rd Oza challenger

For the 2nd year in a row Yamashita Keigo will challenge Cho U for the Oza title. In the challenger final Yamashita beat Nakaonoda Tomomi, 9p. In an earlier final (to challenge Cho U for the Meijin title) Yamashita had lost to Kobayashi Satoru (see below) so winning this one must have felt good. more

Yamashita Keigo

Japan 09-08 30th Meijin title started

Cho U, the title holder takes the first game by resign in the 30th Meijin title match against challenger Kobayashi Satoru. The match continues the 22nd of September. more

Cho U


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