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Japan 11-22 Yamashita facing kadoban

By winning the 2nd game Cho U takes a clear lead in the 53rd Oza title match. His opponent, challenger Yamashita Keigo is now facing kadoban. The match will continue the 1st of December. more

Cho U

Japan 11-17 31st Tengen title

It's all square in the 31st Tengen title match. Challenger Kono Rin takes the 2nd game from title holder Yamashita Keigo on points. The 3rd game is scheduled for the 24th of November. more

Kono Rin

International 11-16 10th Samsung Cup

Again it's the Chinese and Korean whom will fight it out in the final stages of an important international tournament. The 10th Samsung Cup has progressed up to the semi-finals. To be continued in December in two interesting best-of-three matches. more


Japan 11-10 Gosei preliminaries

The preliminary tournament of the challenger knockout final for the 31st Gosei featured an interesting tsume-go problem. It's very rare to see this technique applied in real-world games. The game continued in style and ended in a 0.5 point victory. more

TsumeGo position

Japan 11-10 Cho U keeps title

The 7th and decisive game for the 30th Meijin title was won by Cho U, unexpectedly easily after all. Some early successes of Kobayashi Satoru, the challenger couldn't prevent Cho from invading black's territories. The title holder showed great skills in the ensuiing fighting. more

Cho U

Japan 11-09 Meijin title, 7th game

The 7th and decisive game in the 30th Meijin title match has been adjourned after 86 moves. Kobayashi Satoru, the challenger played a fast paced opening and is trying to gain from some weak groups of title holder Cho U. To be continued in a few hours, watch it live on IGS-PandaNet.  more

Adjourned position

Japan 11-07 31st Tengen title

The 31st Tengen title match is on it's way. Challenger Kono Rin will try to improve upon Hane's performance last year but got off to a bad start by losing the first game to title holder Yamashita Keigo. To be continued the 17th of November more

Yamashita Keigo

Japan 11-04 Meijin title, 6th game

Well, well... We have a classic match on our hands for the 30th Meijin title. Kobayashi Satoru, the challenger also managed to squeeze out a 0.5 point win in the 6th game, making it 3-3 and forcing this best-of-seven match to go all the way. Will title holder Cho U manage to recover from losing three games in a row? We will see next week, the 9th and 10th of November, live on IGS-PandaNet.  more

Kobayashi Satoru


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