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International 02-24 7th Nongshim Cup

Yoda Norimoto takes home the 7th Nongshim Cup by taking out the last three lines of defense of the Chinese and Korean competitors. A great achievement and good to see Japan show some muscles on the international Go scene. more

Yoda Norimoto

Japan 02-23 30th Kisei title

Fans of Hane Naoki, son of Hane Yasumasa will be disappointed by the performance of the Kisei title holder against challenger Yamashita Keigo. Getting beaten with straight figures never is pleasant to see, although all games were very close. more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 02-15 49th Guksu title

The plot thickens in the 49th Guksu title. Title holder Choi CheolHan evens the score against challenger Lee ChangHo and thus we will go all the way this year. The final game will be played the 2nd of March. more

Choi CheolHan

Japan 02-15 18th Female Meijin title

Aoki Kikuyo convincingly takes the 18th female Meijin title from title holder Koyama Terumi. In a tight 2nd game Aoki takes the game with a very small margin. more

Aoki Kikuyo

Korea 02-11 49th Guksu title

In the match for the 49th Guksu title old-face Lee ChangHo goes into the lead with a maximum of two games to go. more

Lee ChangHo

China 02-10 1st Kangwon Cup

Korea goes into the lead against rival country China in the 1st Kangwon Cup, the score: 3-2. Lots of games to go though... more

An ChoYoung

Japan 02-09 30th Kisei title

Poor Hane Naoki... Whatever he throws at Yamashita Keigo, he doesn't seem to be able to pull out a game in this nerv-wrecking match for the 30th Kisei title. Just after three games the title-holder is facing kado-ban. Will we see a new Kisei soon? To be continued the 22nd of February... more

Yamashita Keigo

China 02-09 1st Kangwon Cup

Matches between China and Korea are very interesting. Both countries consider themselves really the strongest Go nation but who actual is? Maybe this two-nation cup will give some more insight on the matter. But not yet since right now the score is 2-2. more

An ChoYoung

Japan 02-02 30th Kisei title

In a tight game with huge territories and exchanges again it's Yamashita Keigo who is pulling the longest straw. Kisei title holder Hane Naoki [jp] is now facing a 2 point deficit. To be continued the 8th of February... more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 02-02 49th Guksu title

The players fighting for the 49th Guksu title are two well-known faces in Korea: Lee ChangHo and Choi CheolHan. The latter pulled the match even by winning the 2nd game. To be continued the 11th of February. more

Choi CheolHan


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