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Japan 03-27 44th Judan title

Cho Chikun, Judan title holder is going well in the 44th title match against Yamashita Keigo. After skilfully using weak groups of his opponent a nice tesuji at the end sealed the victory. more

Cho Chikun

China 03-24 1st Kangwon Cup

After the recent success of China in the 10th LG Cup here is another one: Chang Hao from China eliminates four Korea players in a row against rival country Korea and takes home the 1st Kangwon Cup. Quite an accomplishment! more

Chang Hao

Japan 03-21 53rd NHK Cup

In the final of the 53rd NHK cup Hane Naoki beats Imamura Toshiya. Haya-go games are good study material so replay all games. more

Hane Naoki

European Union 03-19 2006 European Inc Cup

The Chinese Fan Hui 2p, living in Toulouse, France takes the 2006 European Ing Cup with straight wins, an impressive performance. Romanian Dragos Bajenaru from Romania suprises with a 3rd place. more

Fan Hui

Japan 03-12 53rd NHK Cup

Want to replay some really nice pro games? Professional lightning games are the best: the pro's have to rely on their intuition and that usually gives a curious mix of beautiful patterns and fearless fighting. The 53rd NHK cup reached the semi-finals and Hane Naoki is the first to reach the final. Some consolidation after having lost the Kisei title. more

Hane Naoki

International 03-08 10th LG Cup

The 10th LG Cup title match between the Chinese players young Gu Li and even younger Chen Yaoye is on its way. Recommended replay material, very entertaining! The more experienced Gu Li is leading 2-0. more

Gu Li

Japan 03-08 44th Judan title

Cho Chikun, Judan title holder is being challenged for the 44th issue by Yamashita Keigo. Cho made a good start by taking the first game after an eventful series of middle-game fights and exchanges. more

Cho Chikun


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