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China 12-27 3rd Changqi title

The finalists of the 3rd Changqi Cup have been decided. Gu Li had trouble to overcome Hu Yaoyu but managed. So the lineup will be Kong Jie versus Gu Li. more

Gu Li

China 12-25 3rd Changqi title

The 3rd Changqi Cup is reaching the climax. While Kong Jie easily walked over newcomer Tuo Jiaxi the Chinese top-man Gu Li experiences more problems while facing Hu Yaoyu. The final of the preliminary tournament will be the 27th of this month. more

Hu Yaoyu

Japan 12-14 32nd Tengen title

Kono Rin, Tengen successfully defends his title by beating challenger Yamashita Keigo. It was a large territory contest where both players ended up with huge territories. more

Kono Rin

Korea 12-12 11th Chunwon title

Cho HanSung takes the 11th ChunWon title with three straight wins against Lee SeDol who only managed to take the first game of the match. more

Cho HanSung

International 12-07 11th Samsung Cup

Both Lee ChangHo [kr] and Chang Hao [cn] comfortably qualified for the final of the 11th Samsung Cup. Will China take the cup again or will Lee ChangHo himself redeem Korea's honor by taking revanche for his last year's defeat? more

Lee ChangHo and Chang Hao

Japan 12-07 54th Oza title

A blood bath, the 4th game of the 54th Oza title match. It all started with a ko for a kill of a large group of title holder Cho U. And while challenger Yamashita Keigo had many threats against another weak group, Cho had many internal threats. In the end a large furikawari took place but the fight continued... The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamashita Keigo


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